“We Show You How to Star Trek”

Welcome to EverydaySpacer.com.

Literally, we show you how to personally and directly participate in space exploration, science and astronomy.

There is a wide range of opportunities to delve into this thrilling world from visiting APOD for free on your computer up to and including a trip off-world through various vendors now and in the near future.  It’s getting easier and more exciting as time goes on and it’s getting less and less expensive.

While many people are quite interested in space exploration, many believe that only the very rich and governments can play.  This is not true.  I have written over 120 articles about the things you can do yourself, whatever your situation.

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The Book

Your Amazing Itty Bitty Explore Space Now! Book

15 Simple Ways to Personally and Directly Participate in Space Exploration, Science and Astronomy RIGHT NOW!

The Itty Bitty Book(TM) series is for people who hate to read. It works great for people who are very busy too! The authors in this series are tasked to get their specialty down to ’15 simple steps’ and I did this too!

Of course, I wrote about Space Exploration.

For each ‘step’ I wrote, I included an ‘additional’ and an ‘advanced’ activity for each one.

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Your Amazing Itty Bitty(tm) Explore Space Now! Book
15 Simple Ways to Personally and Directly Participate in Space Exploration RIGHT NOW!

Sky Safari

Finally! Learn Your Way Around Your Telescope by Finding Objects in the Night Sky during your 3 day, 3 night, immersive weekend.

You’ve had your telescope for weeks now. Have you figured out how to use it yet? Give us three days and three nights – learning by day, observing by night – and we’ll help you understand your scope, scopes in general and the night sky for that time of the year. You’ll go to your next star party excited and ready!

  • This is right for you if you just bought a telescope or you are in the process of making such a purchase.
  • This is right for you if you want to learn quickly, through immersion, how to use your equipment in particular and telescopes in general.
  • This right for you if you would like to find objects in the night sky, in the Northern hemisphere, in the [spring].

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Spacer Guild

Spacer Guild is a membership website!

The basic concept of the membership website is to encourage and reward anyone in the world, with even a mild interest in space, to actually do space related things and then report their accomplishments to the website: JoinSpacerGuild.com.

Members can go as far as they want with Spacer Guild, up to and including travel off-world, training themselves and each other for the tasks needed along the way.

As a member of the fully developed site, you can find resources there to get involved with space exploration in many ways and then go and ‘register’ whatever you do.

Let’s say you launched a PongSat. When you get it back from JP Aerospace, you go to JoinSpacerGuild.com and add your picture or video and your ‘report’ of the experience. Rewards include virtual ‘badges’ and points for your accomplishment. If you earn enough points you can win prizes like meeting an astronaut in person or a Zero G flight and other such activities. Of course, you then report those experiences to the site for more badges and points!

We have games and other experiential ways to learn new skills and you can connect with other members to collaborate on bigger projects.

Think Scouting, “The Last Starfighter” (the movie) and edutainment blended together to develop the human potential to do everything it takes to travel off world, then out to the stars.

Too many traditional formats for learning cater to too few people or learning styles. Spacer Guild allows individuals to learn what they want, the way they want, when they want and capture past accomplishments to support current endeavors.

To learn more and browse the current iteration of the site, click here.

…In the Future

Grow With Everyday Spacer as We Implement…

Attend Star Parties!

Star Parties: Local teens, the National Park Systems, etc.

Spacer Guild: Membership site where people build their CV by doing real life projects for points and badges

Trips: Mt. Wilson, eclipses and special astronomical installations worldwide

Ascender: Getting to space by floating there, not blasting off.

Everyday Spacer is building towards obtaining and running such space-going vehicles for cargo, passengers and crew.

And More! Everyday Space will create and implement, in no particular order…

Games & Apps, Homeschool Programming, Video series, Filk and Classic concerts, Actionable Conferences (akin to Maker Fairs) and an Annual Awards Gala